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Tämä wiki esittelee ohjelmistoprojektien projektinhallinnan periaatteita. Projektin tunnusmerkkejä ovat kertaluonteisuus, selkeä tavoitemäärittely,  aikarajoitteet, ennakkosuunnittelu, monimutkaiset, toisiinsa liittyvät tehtävät, organisointi tiettyä tarkoitusta varten ja resurssien rajaaminen. Ohjelmistoprojekteissa on yleensä enemmän muutoksia kuin muissa projekteissa. Sen takia erityisesti ohjelmistoprojekteja luonnehtivat myös riski ja epävarmuus. Samanlaista ohjelmistoa ei ole koskaan aikaisemmin tehty - jos olisi, niin koko projektia ei kannata toteuttaa.

Ohjelmistoprojekteissa perinteisen projektityön rinnalle on kehitetty ketteriä, iteroivia menetelmiä. Niissä toimitetaan toimivia ohjelmistoja tiheästi, jolloin toimiva ohjelmisto on etenemisen tärkein mittari. Ketteriin menetelmiin pohjautuva Scrum on siis vaihtoehto ohjelmistoprojektin toteutukseen. Scrumin kannattajien mielestä perinteisen projektinhallinnan ongelma on, että "hyvin suunniteltu on tekemättä."

Valittiin sitten millainen projektityötapa tahansa, niin projektiliiketoiminta on johdettua ja tavoitteellista toimintaa, joka palvelee yrityksen päämäärien saavuttamista. Yksi projektinhallinnan perusperiaatteista onkin, että projektilla on päämäärä. Sen takia ennen projektin aloittamista on pohdittava, minkä takia projekti perustetaan. Tämä kuvaa projektin tuloksena toteutettavan muutoksen, jonka jälkeen voidaan määrittää projektin konkreettiset tavoitteet ajalle, laadulle ja kustannuksille.

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MVP Rehab strives to be different. We were established for the purpose of providing physiotherapy with your best interest as our main priority. That is why we changed some general rules so we can make your experience more positive and beneficial. Our mission is to help you improve your quality of life by functioning at your full potential.
Our Physiotherapist at MVP Rehab values the importance of practicing non-surgical methods for the management of various injuries and pain derived from our usual daily activities. Our goal as Physiotherapist’s is to identify dysfunctional movement patterns that produce pain and develop a long-lasting strategy (via manual therapy and exercise-based therapy) to correct these flaws. Just to name a few, our Physiotherapist can treat but not limited to:
To know more, visit us at or call us on 04 5060 3234

Don’t you want some free time? Do you always want to be dogged by work both on the inside and outside? Well, if you are hard up for time.
"A Clean House Washing has been in business for over 35 years, servicing clients in the Ipswich and Greater Brisbane area. We specialize in providing personal and professional services for external house washing and path cleaning and general pressure cleaning services in Brisbane, Queensland.

Others come and go, you can trust the experience and professionalism of A Clean House Washing. No work is sub-contracted out or passed on to inexperienced or franchised operators.

We not only have the knowledge to guarantee the cleanest results possible, we also have the experience to avoid issues that customers are often rightfully concerned with such as dead plants, damage to property and trampled landscaping."
To know more, visit us at or call 0419778863

Care, Strength, Performance, Peaceful, Joy and Specialized.
Dedicated and experienced team provides the best care for your horse. Nurturing and conditioning at a healthy pace to gradually improve racing potential.
50 years of careful and purposeful consideration has been given to creating the ideal environment to care for race horses. We have proven time and again that Muskoka Farm’s idyllic, stress free location and State of the Art horse care is the perfect combination to maximize racing potential.
To know more, visit us at or call us on (02)45663106

Murrumba Auto Care... Because we care for you...
We are your local automotive servicing 'go to" specialist when you need high quality workmanship with personalised customer service . We Do All 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler Mechanical Services at Best Price
To know more, visit or call us on 732856933

Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One
Farewell Funerals is run by a team of caring women who understand the sensitivities of grief and the importance of providing the utmost care for a loved one. Our staff work closely with families to ensure each service is a unique celebration and a loving reflection of their loved one’s life. Grief is a harrowing journey and we understand the importance of making this journey as simple and gentle as possible. Our families are cared for by the same staff member throughout the entire process, ensuring a personal and compassionate experience for all involved.
To know more, visit us at or call us on 0404660974